Zoroastrian Association of Houston (ZAH)

The Zoroastrian Association of Houston  (ZAH) was established in 1976 to promote the religious, social, and cultural aspects of the Zoroastrian faith. ZAH is fortunate to have in the local community Mobeds (priests) who conduct religious services, ceremonies, and rituals; numerous individuals whose service on executive boards and committees (i.e. youth, sports, Sunday school, religious services, outreach, Golden Group & Library) provide leadership and vision to a growing community; and countless active members who through their participation, initiative, and hard work are committed to building a strong community.

ZAH membership that consists of Irani Zarathushtis & Parsis from India, Iran and Pakistan continues to grow at a rapid rate. Houston, home to a thriving and active Zarathushti community, offers a warm climate, fantastic real estate bargains and numerous business opportunities.

Come on over, cause you are always welcome to Houston!

Click here for ZAH Mission Statement

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