Sunday School

One Sunday afternoon in April 1981, over a cup of tea, Farrokh Mistree suggested that we start a Sunday School. For stability, Farrokh suggested that the day and venue should always be the same. Hoshang and Arnavaz Sethna offered their home and the day decided was second Sunday of the month. The first Sunday School was held on May 10, 1981 by Farrokh Mistree and has continued since then. After Farrokh left Houston, Vehishta continued with the children with prayer session being conducted by Kety Patel.

With the opening of the Zarathushti Heritage and Cultural Center in 1998, the one room Sunday School grew into  three sections – Young kids, ages 2 to 9 – conducted by Vehishta Kaikobad; Middle Group – ages 10 to 14 – conducted by Pearline Collector, Zeeba Kayani and Arnavaz Sethna; Youth Group, ages 14 to 18 – conducted by Sarosh Collector with Behroze Daruwalla and Jenisteen Davier.

Later, Khursheed Dastur joined Vehishta to teach young kids, Behroze Daruwalla left the country, and due to health issues, Sarosh Collector could not continue to teach. Pearline stepped down to look after Sarosh full time and Zeeba has taken sabbatical.
Presently, Sunday School for young kids is conducted by Vehishta Kaikobad and Khursheed Dastur, Middle Group by Nazneen Khumbatta and Arnavaz Sethna and Youth Group by Kaemerz Dotiwalla and Nozer Dungor.

Sunday School is conducted on the second Sunday of each month.

Kids Group (2-9 years)
Middle Group (10-13 years) 
Youth Group (High School)