Manashni November 2022(please scroll down for past editions)

Manashni, the monthly newsletter of ZAH, disseminates information on community-related activities that include news and views of members, milestones such as births, deaths, navjotes, weddings, new members coming to Houston, sports, awards and new business openings.

Our earliest record of Manashni is August 1987, where 70 members were on the mailing list. As the community grew so did the mailing list and 270 prints were mailed each month until 2003. Due to rising mailing cost and facility of technology Manashni was posted on the ZAH website from 2004 and continue to this day.

Manashni staff is dedicated to the belief that a strong community newsletter is essential to a strong community. READ your Manashni each month!

Manashni encourages its readers to submit relevant information on education, travel, short stories or other articles of interest to:

Arnavaz Sethna
Phone: 281-499-1832
Khursheed B. Dastur
Phone: 281-948-5319