Youth Group (14-18 yrs)

To view our youth group’s monthly activities, read our reports and to see our photos please click here ZAH Youth Group Website The ZAH Youth Group includes a group of ambitious young Zoroastrians that are about to head out into the real world and start lives of their own. Generally, after one’s Navjote is done and they start high school, they are welcomed into the Youth Group. Every month during Sunday School sessions we learn about ancient history, including teachings from the Shahname among various other scriptures. We go back in time reliving each dynasty, experiencing every war, learning about every King. We also study the deeper meanings and translations of our prayers. Students are assigned individual projects and group presentations to do throughout the year. In addition to attending these informative sessions, the youth are also very much involved in giving back to our community. We love to volunteer our time and effort towards our ZAH Center as we value our memories and hope that our future generations create some of their own. In the past, we have started the tradition of having an annual clean-up for our Youth Room and the Center. We collaborate with the Building Maintenance and Executive Committees to find tasks that need to be done and accomplish as many as we can. For our fundraising events, we have also combined efforts with the Sports Committee and the Entertainment Committee. By working closely with these committees we have gained so much experience and respect for our older generations and hope to follow into their footsteps with the same passion of maintaining our center. In the past few years we have also started to host car-washes throughout the year (usually on our annual ZAH Carnivals in April). Thankfully, with the generosity of our community, we have been very successful at all of our fundraisers. All of the funds we earn are always put towards a cause that ensures our youth a better way to learn about our Zoroastrian faith (such as Congresses and educational tools for our youth room). We will continue to perform our three fundamental principles of having good thoughts, speaking good words, and performing good deeds in the hope that the younger generations look up to us as the inspiring leaders of today. 


Sarosh Collector

Phone: 281-332-8661 Email:

Kaemerz Dotiwalla

Phone: 713-296-9497 Email:

Nozer Dungor

Phone: 832-758-8331 Email:


Nerius Mehta

Phone: 281-650-2938 Email:

Natalya Katrak

Phone: 281-818-1707 Email:

Our current Youth Officers (2021-22) are:

Shanaya Vakil (President)


Natasha Dungor  (Secretary)


Roshni Chikliwala (Vice President)


Mahtab Dastur (Treasurer)


Neville Kanga (Historian)


Zal Italia (Historian)


Freyaan (Historian)


Natasha Kanga (Web Master)