Web Committee

The Web Team hosts the ZAH web site and provides Technical guidance to the EC on Web Technologies to help stay current with IT trends. Provides internal training to other Sub-committees on usage of the web site. The team has also included some very young members, with long-term goals in mind

Percy Behramsha

Phone: 281-856-7076
Email: percymb@sbcglobal.net

Khursheed Dastur (Manashni)

Phone: 281-251-0669
Email: kbdastur@yahoo.com

Danesh Desai (Chair)

Phone: 281-216-1060
Email: danesh@gmail.com

Yazad Sidhwa

Phone: 832-640-4798
Email: yazsid01@yahoo.com

Kayomarz Sidhwa

Phone: 832-802-3036
Email: kaysid@hotmail.com

Aderbad Tamboli

Phone: 281-242-2013
Email: axtamboli@windstream.net