ZAH Annual General Meeting 2022

Dear ZAH Members,
This year the ZAH Annual General Meeting will be held on March 27th, 2022 at the Zarathushti Heritage and Culture Center (ZHCC) at 1 pm at The Zarathushti Heritage and Cultural Center, 8787 W. Airport Boulevard, Houston, TX 77071 (“ZHCC”).
Please note, only ZAH members for 2022 (who have paid their membership dues by 13th March) will be able to attend the Annual General Meeting on 27th March.
The AGM 2022 Agenda, sub-committee reports are attached below as a pre-read foe the members. These detailed  reports will not be read or presented at the AGM, but instead the sub-committees’ representatives will provide a brief summary and will be available at the AGM to answer any questions on the reports, from the member audience.
So, please review the sub-committee reports in advance of the AGM and come prepared with your questions. 
This is being done, so as to minimize the community’s exposure to Covid related risks.
You are welcome to bring your own printed copies of any documents of interest, as we will not have extra printed copies at the meeting.