Sports Committee

The ZAH Sports Committee was officially formed in June 2011 by six sports aficionados interested in reviving the sporting culture in Houston, that the Zarathusthis are known for worldwide. Also, to provide an opportunity to get away from electronic devices and play real games.

Our Mission

To provide opportunities and stimulate healthy competition within the ZAH community members in Houston area as well as encourage all to come together and participate in various indoor and outdoor Sporting activities

Our Goals

  • Plan and organize sporting events and activities during the year
  • Develop Sports at ZAH and encourage youth participation
  • Assist and coordinate ZAH team(s) to participate in Zoro Youth Games held in as well as outside North America

Committee members are:

Percy Behramsha

Phone: 281-818-0663


Farzad Sarkari

Phone: 281-635-4618


Sheroy Haveliwala (Chair)

Phone: 281-403-1623