Middle Group (10-13 yrs)

The Middle Group was started in 2003 for children ages 9 through 13 to bridge the gap between elementary school age children and the Youth Group. Children generally move to the Middle group after their Navjote. The size of the group has varied from 15 to 25.

In the Middle Group children learn the meaning of basic Navjote prayers and the names of the roj, mah, gehs and gathas. They better understand our ceremonies, both religious and cultural. They also learn the history of the old Iranian dynasties through stories from the Shahnameh.

There are four sleepovers a year that the children enjoy immensely. They play games such as jeopardy based on what they have learnt, and listen to stories. They start the day with performing kasti and reciting din-no-kalmo and tandarosti prayers. Once a year, the children clean the prayer room and polish the afarganyu and other silver utensils in the Prayer Room.

The goal of the Middle Group is to prepare the children to make a smooth transition to the Youth Group.April Sunday School Pic

Sunday School teachers for middle group are:

Arnavaz Sethna

Phone: 281-499-1832
Email: asethna@comcast.net

Pearline Collector

Phone: 713-303-5422
Email: pearline.collector@gmail.com

Zeeba Kayani

Phone: 281-565-7707
Email: zeeba.kayani@gmail.com