Executive Committee

The ZAH Executive Committee normally meets on the second Sunday of every month at 2:00pm and ZAH members are welcome to come and sit in for our meetings. We do have frequent requests where a member wishes to bring an issue to the ZAH-EC and for that we request that the secretary be advised to put your name on the agenda.

The ZAH Executive Committee Members for 2017 are:

Lyla Daroga

Phone: 281-494-8738
Email: lyladaroga@aol.com

Nozer Dungor

Phone: 8320758-8331
Email: nozerd@hotmail.com

Sheroy Haveliwala (Chair)

Phone: 281-403-1623
Email: hwala@hotmail.com

Jasmin Katrak

Phone: 281-858-7857
Email: pkatrak@yahoo.com

Percy M. Master (Secretary)

Phone: 281-7780506
Email: percyMMaster@gmail.com

Jehangir Mistry (FEZANA REP)

Phone: 281-565-5577
Email: jmistry@comcast.net

Mitra Khumbatta (Treasurer)

Phone: 832-620-5674
Email: treasurer.zah.ec@gmail.com

Sweta Chopra Sethna

Phone: 832-316-5845
Email: swetasethna@hotmail.com