Executive Committee

The ZAH Executive Committee normally meets on the second Sunday of every month at 12:30pm and ZAH members are welcome to come and sit in for our meetings. We do have frequent requests where a member wishes to bring an issue to the ZAH-EC and for that we request that the secretary be advised to put your name on the agenda.

The ZAH Executive Committee Members for 2019 are:

Farokh Billimoria (Treasurer)

Phone: 847-312-8823
Email: Farbill@gmail.com

Khursheed B. Dastur (Secretary)

Phone: 281-948-5319
Email: kbdastur@yahoo.com

Nikita Gagrat

Phone: 917-974-9020
Email: nikigagrat@yahoo.com

Khursheed Hormuzdi

Phone: 832-790-9870
Email: Khushiy79@gmail.com

Percy Katrak (Chair)

Phone: 832-724-2131
Email: pkatrak@yahoo.com

Nazanin Sarkari (Fezana Rep)

Phone: 281-748-4541
Email: sarkarifamily@gmail.com

Jasmine Mistry

Phone: 832-236-4037
Email: jasmine.mistry@airliquide.com

Kershaw Khumbatta

Phone: 832-868-8007
Email: kkhumbatta@gmail.com