Entertainment Committee

This is probably one of our most active committees and it is this group that gets us our annual chart of events, the plays, the shows, our functions and in short all the fun & games. This group meets as and when required and they are always looking for volunteers with ideas and thoughts on making our functions all the more affordable and enjoyable

Zia Anklesaria

Phone: 832-646-0510
Email: zsankles@gmail.com

Nozer Dungor

Phone: 281-350-1002
Email: nozerd@hotmail.com

Farrokh Firozgary

Phone: 281-685-7245
Email: firozgary@yahoo.com

Arzin Italia

Phone: 713-679-4998
Email: sorabitalia@yahoo.com

Yasmin Medhora

Phone: 713-466-3908

Email: chiefyas1@sbcglobal.net

Benafsheh Mondegarian

Phone: 832-420-2586

Email: bmondegarian@yahoo.com

Fiona Setna

Phone: 281-647-6147

Email: fionasetna@katyisd.org

Tenaz Sunavala

Phone: 832-335-0075
Email: tanaz919@gmail.com