Kid’s Group (2-9 yrs)

The goal is to develop spiritual knowledge and to spark interest in the minds of our children in order to inculcate religious and cultural pride, and motivate them to attend community sessions on regular basis. Our Sunday School is formatted on a unique hands-on basis which allows the young Zarthushtis to understand the precepts of their religion through tactile experience and visual aids.  

The material created has been inspired by the inquiries and requests made by our Sunday School children in an effort to learn more about their religious values and customs. Being manipulative in nature, it aims at providing a strong foundation in building concepts through concrete presentations. This makes their learning an enjoyable experience. The lessons are interactive, thereby motivating the children to be confident in their ability to mentor each other. 

Our curriculum includes teacher made materials covering topics such as: 

  • Zoroastrian history
  • Life of Zarathushtra
  • The Amesha Spentas
  • The Gathas
  • Prayers from the Avesta and their recitation
  • The importance of Rituals and objects used for rituals
  • Festivities and their demonstrations
  • Dramatizations of the Shahnameh etc
  • Role playing of Navjote and Jashan ceremonies
  • Interactive time in creating torans, stitching sudrehs, etc.
  • Projects
  • Field trips to develop awareness of different cultures in context with Zoroastrianism
  • Quizzes and games related to religious topics
  • Stories 

Adult participation is highly encouraged. A recent successful addition to the Sunday School are the Gujrati classes conducted by Khursheed Dastur. 

The young children of Zoroastrian Sunday School of Houston have kept the banner flying since 1980s and continue to do so even today. We are hopeful that the path of Asha will always guide them “towards that best light” enabling them to march proudly as Zoroastrians of the future preserving their religion in its traditions, values and spirituality. 

Our Sunday School teachers for Children’s group are:

Vehishta Kaikobad

Phone: 281-564-1148

Khursheed Dastur

Phone: 281-251-0669