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The time has arrived for us to reminisce the past and think of all that has happened to our small but ever-growing community here in Houston. Gone are the days when we met at member’s home, or rented facilities since we are now proud owners of the most spectacular and user-friendly community center in North America.

 This center, which was the ZAH showcase during Congress 2000, is the envy of other cities that vie to compete whilst at the same time going off in a trance to visualize their version of the Houston Zarathushti Heritage & Cultural center. We wish them good luck and feel confident that our zeal to excel has set precedence by setting in motion the idea of duplicating such centers across North America and thus carving out the future for generations in this, the New World!

The Zarathutsri Heritage and Cultural Center opened in may 1998. Located in Southwest Houston it is built on a seven acre site that was donated by community members. The Center has a dar -e – meher, a prayer room. Sunday School, the Zarathustrian Study Group, The Youth Group, Senior Citizens and many other interest groups meet regularly. Presently, the Center is in the process of establishing a research library with holding of Zoroastrian religious cultural and historical works for use by all. The library regularly presents various workshops, cultural seminars, films, plays, which are open to all.

Phase 1

Phase 2