Building Maintenance Committee (BMC)

The BMC is a team that has been in existence ever since we can remember. First as the Building Fund Group and then as the BMC. This group changes in size as and when the need arises. They have a number of volunteers/advisors who are always available for their level of expertise if and when required. If you, as a member see something which needs repair or is a hazard or requires attention then please do call these individuals who will address such problems, if any. The BMC meets on the third Thursday of each month at 6:00 pm.

Affraz Boomla
Phone:  281-498-4844
Aspi Colah
Phone: 713-270-4429
Khushrav Nariman
Phone: 281-313-2654
Hoshang Sethna
Phone: 281-499-1832
Aderbad Tamboli
Phone: 281-389-8299

Our Advisors

Feroze Bhandara                                                   Jehangir Shroff
Darayus Kolah


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